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A Few Words About Us

Managed Servers

Managed hosting is quickly becoming the industry's standard for hosting websites.

Managed1 is a managed hosting service created by Whisperdale Network to fill the industry's gap for an affordable fully managed shared hosting solution for individuals and business clients. We have been online since 2007 with a wide range of IT related services like Search engine optimization, Logotype design, Advertising campaign management, Website development, Individual hosting solutions. With our fully managed hosting services, we want to break the barrier of unaffordable managed hosting solutions that are currently provided on the market and can only be individually requested from the hosting providers. We are here to bring you fully managed shared hosting services to the budget hosting market.

Why Us

Forget about paying $49.95/month for managing a single website by your hosting provider. We bring a truly competitive managed hosting prices to the budget hosting market with our new industry standard of $9.95/month for hosting and management of your server space.

Prices of an ordinary hosting services, covered by Managed1 fully managed services to help our clients with their hosting needs. Our managed hosting solution include free website transfers, server software installations, domain name record management, web mail administration, backup management, server node monitoring.

We use modern shared hosting management software with cutting edge technology that is powered by the latest grid computing development to provide our customers with up to date server software, stable server performance and secure data storage.

What to expect from us?

The ability to ensure that your hosting problems are taken care of will give you an edge over the competition. What could be better than a hosting package that is cheap, competitive and managed by a team of professionals?


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